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Open to LAN

By sending a series of packets to a multicast address, Minestom provides the ability to mimic being a single player world that is opened to LAN. This will make it show up in the server list of all open Minecraft instances running in your local network below the "Scanning for games on your local network" section.

This does not actually open the server to anywhere other than your local network and it not a replacement for port forwarding or a proper network setup. It is mainly designed as a fun feature that can be useful during testing if you're spinning up a dynamic amount of servers and don't want to manually connect to each one of them.


To start sending the required packets, you can simply run anywhere. This will send the ping every 1.5 seconds and call the ServerListPingEvent with the OPEN_TO_LAN ping type for each outgoing ping.

To modify how often the event is called and the pings are sent, pass in a OpenToLANConfig in the open method. This is a simple builder-style class which lets you configure various elements of the system.

Modifying the description

The description is set using the ServerListPingEvent. For more information on this, see the server list ping page.